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The title may be misleading because I’m not going to be talking about my spring break plan……..because there ain’t any! I don’t know what to talk about so just bear with me here..as stuff might come across as I write this crappy post. OK first take a look at this..

It can only get better from here, can't it?

..it’s my blog stat. It tells you how many ppl went to this site each day. As you can see, the first day was very encouraging. But it started to go downhill from there… maybe because there’s nothing interesting about my post!! *sob* haha anyways unlike Jecko, I will still continue writing regardless because writing is my passion (bull crap!!)..

So today’s Thursday and I got one assignment due before midnight, and oh how lazy am I right now! News have it that the ‘Red Knights‘ had their offer of £1 billion to buy Manchester United (another post about ManUtd…boriiiiiiing~) rejected by the iron fist regime of the Glazers family. Personally speaking, I don’t mind the Glazers as long as United keep on winning and Alex’s hand is not tied during the transfer windows.

Pregnant Woman and Her Unborn Child

There was a pregnant young woman having trouble giving birth (maybe to a bastard). She was a month overdue so she decided to ‘take’ her child out the unconventional way. I want to tell more but I might spoil the video I’m getting you guys to watch.. so check this out..


Posted on: February 24, 2010


Today, the movement to overthrow Glazers as owners of Man Utd gathers pace. Just yesterday, the so-called RED KNIGHT Keith Harris has spoken of hurting the Glazers family in their pocket. I’m sure true Man Utd fans out there know what this is all about. If not, go join the bitters citeh.

So no-show was the solution. There were a lot of empty seat at OLD TRAFFORD against West Ham today because fans believe this would force Glazers to sell. Right on! The color Green and Gold (GNG) was the color of United’s history. United was formerly know as NEWTON HEATH. Wearing GNG shows that fans support the root of United but not Glazers. Fuckoff David Gill for reversing back on his words in 2005 that debt is no way to run the club.


OK. The inevitable post on ManUtd. I still remember when I first started supporting ManUtd. I was just a little boy at 9. That year we lost the FA Cup Final to Newcastle under Kevin Keegan a.k.a. King Kevin. Newcastle was such a force back then with arrogant fans..some of them my friends. Look what happened to Newcastle now bitch!! haha *ter-emo*

Then there was no cable tv ASTRO or MegaTV (whatever fcuk happened to MegaTV?). Every now and then, ManUtd match would be on tv and I would be the one in front of the tele holding the remote.. in case my dad wanted to change to the news. The sad part was we would lose every match that I watched..like I am jinxing the team! One day, ManUtd was losing a game so I decided to turn away from the tele and do something else despite my eagerness to watch the game! But fcuk me, they still lose the game!! haha

Anyway, Wayne Rooney is the best. I’ve known this fact even when CR7 was here. Sape setuju angkat tangan! Alaa Gokun angkat la tangaaaaan.. haha scoring two header against Milan was incredible. From scoring stunners, Wayne Mark Rooney has become a poacher much like RVN. That shows how much he has grown up and mature as a player (talking like a pundit now hehe)

3 England Legend and a Brazilian Flop

Rooney: Ape kau nak?

Since O’shea pn ada dlm gambar.. OK Barca wants to buy O’shea? Who’s going to believe a joke like that?? haha

Any ManUtd fans reading this?

I’m not a sentimental kind of person when it comes to something like “last day of school” or “not seeing you anymore for a long time.” I’m more of a ‘now’ kind of person.  I guess what I am saying is I can care less that I am graduating in less than 3 months.

No I’m not a robot. Contrary to rumors, I don’t drink petrol. I feed off people’s ignorance of me. Sure, I’ll miss one person or two.. but we should thank Alexander Graham Bell(betol ke?) that he invented telephone. People can be thousands of miles apart but can still hear each other’s voices.

Maybe I’ll miss the things I can’t do. Snowboarding. Waking up at noon. Staring at chicks walking to class. But, I don’t feel sad.. or whatever that is I am supposed to feel. I can always plan trips and satisfy the first two..oh maybe I’ll miss classes.. ok now I’m a little sad haha! Fo sho I don’t drink petrol kan?

Anyway, I’ll put some pics la so this post looks better.

Ok la maybe I’ll miss the snow

Snowboard @ Camelback

The snowstorm and my snow white =)

And oh..maybe I’ll miss raya celebration in US. We’d be like

a circus on a roadshow wearing the traditional clothes but I like!

Saje testing2 features dlm wordpress ni.. soalan bodoh tp jawab dgn jujur! kalau ade org ckp sexy jgn la tiruuuu hahaha

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